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Sausage Roll

Grilled sausage sticks
with carrot salad


Curry Bockwürst with cheese

Noodle pot from Italy

Sausage Fondue

Appetizer salad

Bockwürst with topping

Lyoner sausage salad
with strawberries



200g Rookwurst or Meatloaf
200g Speckwurst or Rotwurst
400g Cocktail sausages
10 pce Nuernberger Bratwurst
150g Salami
1 lit cooking oil
1 glass mixed pickles
½ bottle curry ketchup
mustard sauces
250g Quark with herbs (or substitute with sour cream)
2 french white bread


  • Cut Fleischwurst or Fleischkaese and Speck- or Rotwurst into bite-size slices
  • Dry Cocktail sausages with paper
  • Cut salami into thin slices
  • Arrange everything onto plate
  • Heat up oil in fondue pot to 180 deg
  • Place pot onto flame and put in the middle of the table
  • Serve with mixed pickles, curry ketchup, mustards, quark and bread all separately