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More choice, more flexibility, more flavours.

At Rudis' we never compromise on quality, our products are made from the finest cuts of fresh, lean meat and ingredients. Everything we make is manufactured to the highest standards and conforms to the strictest measures of food safety and quality. There are well over 80 varieties of Rudi's products, ranging from all classic favourites, Ham, Cold Cuts, Sausages, Smoked items and Pates, to our gourmet selections. You will be spoilt for choice. Go on, take your pick and enjoy.

Most of our cooked products are chilled, not frozen and have a "use by" date of at least 10 days refrigerated chilled, on purchase. If you wish to consume these products later than the "use by" date, please freeze them in small portions as soon as you can, if possible within one week of purchase.