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Rudi's presliced products are designed for convenience so as to meet the ever-changing lifestyle needs of our consumers. Our wide variety of pre-sliced items provides an easy and hearty solution for daily meals. For the weight watcher, our Lean and Trim selections offer a good selection of healthy and delicious options. They are prepared with quality lean meat and are rich in proteins, low in fat and packed high with nutritional value.

Back Bacon  500 g
Back Bacon  300 g 
Beef Salami  175 g
Breakfast Ham  200 g
Chicken Picnic Ham  250 g
Honey Baked Ham  200 g
Honey Baked Ham  500 g
Leg Ham Rectangular  200 g
Pepperoni  500 g
Picnic Ham  500 g
Shaved Honey Ham  150 g
Shaved Champagne Ham  150 g
Shoulder Ham  200 g
Shoulder Ham  500 g
Smoked Raw Ham  100 g
Streaky Bacon  500 g
Streaky Bacon  250 g