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Packed with the same tradition of good taste and quality, Rudi's bacons are naturally smoked, flavourful and tasty. We offer 2 types of presliced bacons, streaky and back bacons that are not only for breakfast, they are perfect for adding texture and flavour to your special meals.

BACON size
Back Bacon, slab (frozen)  5 - 6 kg
Back Bacon, sliced  2 kg/pkt
Back Bacon, sliced  500 g/pkt
Streaky Bacon, slab (frozen) 3 - 4 kg 
Streaky Bacon, sliced  2 kg/pkt
Streaky Bacon, sliced  500 g/pkt 
Bacon Bits (cubes)  190 g/pkt
Bacon Bones  1 kg/pkt